Excerpt from Dream Electric

Out of AR an hour later, Tamera scanned the manual in front of her. Rick sat next to her with a glass of whisky in his hand. In the other, a Healthy Stick, the same type of cigarette that Tamera had just been smoking, trailed layers of smoke from his fingers. Outside, the New York […]


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My Rainwater Experiment

For years now, I’ve been using a filter on my tap water. More recently, I tried something less conventional: I decided I would drink rainwater for a few days and compare and contrast my reactions to what I felt with tap water. I realize the placebo effect can be inconspicuous, and I also realize what […]

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I, the Book Reviewer

First book review with IndieReaders up yesterday on Legions of Lilith, a modern story about the return of Lilith, Adam’s first wife. I’m planning to write about a review per month there for the foreseeable future. I’m actually impressed with the books I’ve read so far, being as they are self-published. Some are well-written and […]

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Are Good and Evil Equal?

An interesting idea occurred to me the other day. Really, it was perhaps more of an intuition than an idea, an idea being what one creates one’s self. The other is perhaps more of a perception than an imaginary construct. The observation I had was this: I notice in some metaphysical and fantasy writings the […]

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The Ajnir: An Extract

Chapter V The Departure of Manalk (a movement out of time)   In the north, just beyond the Thuresce mountains, the Light Star became veiled by dim, dusted cloud cover. A cloud-made figure, like an enormous painting of a giant creature, sprawled across the horizon, cumulus clouds thickening in behind it. Simkadans had gathered outside, […]

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