My Rainwater Experiment

For years now, I’ve been using a filter on my tap water. More recently, I tried something less conventional: I decided I would drink rainwater for a few days and compare and contrast my reactions to what I felt with tap water. I realize the placebo effect can be inconspicuous, and I also realize what I perceive in my bodily organism can fluctuate based on an array of factors present in the environment. Still, I’m left with this to say after my rainwater experiment: rainwater strikes me as much better for my health, and I prefer it over any sort of tap water, even Evian or other water drinks on the market.

Even just a few hours after making the transition to rainwater, I found my stress and irritability levels declined dramatically. Could this be because zinc and manganese are often present in tap water? Is it possible that such said chemicals increase our stress and anxiety to unnatural levels? I suspect it may be so. I’d urge people reading this to perform their own experiments and observe their states of mind before and after stopping tap water.

I’m actually so impressed with the melted snow from my backyard, which I then filter through a Britta, I’m not switching back anytime soon to the old tap in the sink.

When the snow melts, I may find it more difficult to collect the rain, so I’m thinking of building a water collection atrium of some sort. It might also lend an interesting look to the yard.


One thought on “My Rainwater Experiment

  1. You have an appreciative audience in this house because we all drink a lot of water. It is always tap water. My fear of rainwater would have to be in a. the toxic chemicals it collects on its way to earth (particularly in high traffic areas) and b. What happens to it in the collection process. Good luck!


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